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237: Updates

June 6, 2016

This week I don’t have a new focus. Instead I’ve gone back into a number of old posts and corrected mistakes, improved the writing, added new covers, and/or added better images of existing covers. Since last Fall, when we launched this new Justseeds website, it has become much easier to find old blog posts and see my entire collection of five years of book cover entries. Looking back at some of the old entries, I’ve realized how many more covers I’ve since collected, and in some cases how I was wrong about some of information shared. My goal is to eventually go back and clean up and improve most of the old posts, but this is definitely going to take time.
Because this is a labor of love, and I only have a limited time to work on these posts each week, many of the most interesting and in-depth cover explorations happen over a period of many weeks. This totally works for those of you that tune in each week, but it’s a real pain in the ass for people going back and wanting to see all the Franz Fanon covers, for example, which are sprawled across ten different posts. So, my hope is to also start consolidating some of these older collections of covers, adding new material, improving the writing, and bringing multi-week entries together in one place.
For this week I’ve just made some additions and updates to ten different old posts, and you can check them out below:
1: Novosti Press Agency (13 images added, plus significant new contextual information)
25: Roman Cieslewicz, Part III (2 new covers added, 3 existing covers shown in black and white replaced with color images)
87: Boni Paper Books, part III (3 new covers added)
201: Ronald Clyne (2 new covers added)
202: Leonard Baskin, part I (1 cover added)
203: Leonard Baskin, part II (2 covers added)
207: Anvil Press (1 new cover, writing improved)
208: Zimbabwe Publishing House (1 new cover, 1 new image scan, significant writing added)
213: Latin America Mass Markets (1 new cover)
221: The Iron Heel (1 new cover)
If you like these book blog posts, leave comments on them! Unlike Facebook or Instagram, we actually own this site and this platform. It would be great to move thoughts and ideas over here to the Justseeds site, so I can get a better idea of who reads these rants I write about book covers, but also so it doesn’t feel like all this work just gets converted into click bait for some corporate behemoth.

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