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Created for the Critical Resistance ten year anniversary conference in Oakland, California, which took place in 2008. Critical Resistance Ten was a gathering of activists, educators, and allies of prisoners who came together to promote organizing efforts against the US prison system.

Just seeds organized an art portfolio in collaboration with Critical Resistance Ten called Voices From Outside: Artists Against the Prison Industrial Complex. The portfolio project involved twenty artists and one artist collective, with work coming from the US, Canada and Mexico. Each  print critiqued or addressed alternatives to the prison-industrial complex.

Multiple abstract seed pods are rising in the air, drawn with black cut-out, or heavy lines, and filled with green, blues, and reds.  Some have words inside such as “addiction,” “poverty”, “abuse”. But a few of these seed-shapes with fluttery tails are escaping the path of the majority, with the words “hope” and “change” etched inside of them. They follow a big red arrow that has the word “possibility” handwritten inside of it.

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