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Queer Scouts

Dance, dance, revolution! Mary Tremonte originally made this image as a cheeky reference to the badges she remembered from being a girl scout. She designed queer scouts posters and badges as a prefigurative gesture for Operation Sappho, a queer dance party she dj’d in Pittsburgh. This image is included in Be the Change! A Justseeds Coloring Book, co-published with Radix Media.


Nine different badges are presented here under the title, “QUEER SCOUTS.” Each circle features a different scene: A hand with medicines and “Always Prepared”; A feathery rainbow and “Go Gay”; Two sets of dancing legs, and “Work it, Own it”; A megaphone and “Holler Back!”; A hand making the three-finger salute and “Queer Scout”; A garlic bulb and “Self Healing”; A flaming ice-cream cone and “Glamarchy”; Two hands carrying a lamp and “Do It Together”; and a vulva shape with hearts and “Operation Sappho.”

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