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The Distance Between Us

Also included in Covid Mutual Aid Care Package #1, HERE.


A dark blue celestial scene featuring two hands rendered as stars that reach out to each other. Inside each hand is a coral-colored human figure, also made of constellations. A red looping thread connects each hand’s fingers. Text in gold above and below says: “THE DISTANCE BETWEEN STARS CREATES OUR GALAXY. THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US PROTECTS OUR COMMUNITY.”

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Survivor Love Letter Mural

Survivor Love Letter Mural

June 18, 2018

Last month justseeds artist, Jess X. Snow, and friends Layqa Nuna Yawar and Tani Ikeda created  “A Monument for Survival”–a mural installation for @werise_la  for the movement Survivor Love Letter. #Survivorloveletter…