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Higher Education Action Day

February 20, 2019

It’s been amazing to see the involvement of Justseeds artists in the organizing, labor, and image generation at the large-scale art builds happening in Wisconsin around immigration and California around education over the past year! Nicolas has written about these extensively on the blog HERE and HERE and HERE!

But I also think it’s worth taking a moment to look at how our graphics are just being organically used on a smaller scale, but with just as much excitement and hopefully effect. I recently learned from my friend Nora that they were going to be using my “Three Fingers” graphic for agitprop on February 6th, Higher Education Action Day at the City Universities of New York. The City Tech Library and NY PIRG pulled the graphic down from our graphic page and used it to live screenprint posters and make buttons in preparation for heading up to Albany to demand for more funding for CUNY, higher wages for faculty, and more.

If anyone out there has been using our graphics for actions like this, please send us photos! It’s really nice to track how far and wide these go, and a nice reward for the artists who are putting the work up for free.


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