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Old Yeller’s Dance

January 13, 2012

I worked up a new video recently, an ominous treatment of that crucial scene in Disney’s Old Yeller (1957) wherein Yeller battles the rabid wolf that’s been terrorizing the Coates family. I think it’s best with headphones if you’ve got ’em handy.

I’ve been working exclusively with found footage from movies that feature violent interactions between humans and animals for a couple of years now, although admittedly much of that work has been in accumulating a massive database of video clips from anything I could find. It’s nice to get back to actually manipulating that footage and seeing what I can come up with. I hesitated in posting this work to our blog, because although I feel the underlying themes and motivations are consistent with the other work in Justseeds, I fear that working with video in the way I’m currently excited about might appear tangential. That said, if you’re interested in seeing other videos I’ve been working on, there are some collected here.

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