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Dig Where You Stand

Here’s a somewhat audacious print, the result of playfully mashing my crush on old, now overly-decorative display fonts with the transparent ink of a Risograph machine.

The idea for this poster came from an article I read recently about the radical history of fighting for public memorials to challenge nationalist agendas in Berlin: “What America Can Learn from Berlin’s Struggle to Face It’s Violent Past” (Hunter Oatman-Stanford, Collector’s Weekly). In the piece, the author discusses Berliner Geschichtswerkstatt/Berlin History Workshop, one group at the forefront of a 1980’s push for public works that would address Germany’s violent history. Those variant and deeply moving memorials are now comfortably a part of the landscape of Berlin, but the paradigm shift which made that a reality took years of work (some of it extralegal) to realize. Tactically, I could relate.

Grabe wo du stehst!
Towards re-imagining a People’s History on the everyday streets of the United States!

Printed by Justseeds cohort Mary Tremonte at OCAD in Toronto.



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