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A Daughter Migrates To The Mother Earth II


Original price was: $150.Current price is: $125.

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2nd Edition with a new color way on gray stone henge paper.

Signed, limited edition of 10. Deckled edges. Available exclusively on Justseeds.

Five color, hand-pulled screen print, hand printed by Ocelot Printshop in Detroit, MI

All proceeds go toward the extra costs of completing the Ruth Wilson Gilmore mural at Possible Futures Books in New Haven, CT.

In her speech at the mural unveiling, Ruth Wilson Gilmore said: “The work of abolition is already happening everywhere all the time, and in most places where people are doing this work, they do not call it abolition. The point is not the name. The point is the purpose to make the abundance of life possible, so that everywhere where life is precious, life is precious. They are doing abolition in projects, great and small.”

Ruthie’s work and words are expansive, and so too was this project, which grew in space, time, energy, people, and cost. In fact, this is the largest mural Jess X. Snow has ever painted, which they completed with the help of 5 assistants and over 40 community volunteers.

We exceeded our budget by approximately $3,000 and are seeking additional funds to fill this gap.

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