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Criminal Justice Reform Now

This poster was created from a sticker originally designed for a criminal justice reform campaign by Amplifier Foundation. The text reads “…MLK was arrested 30 times as part of a strategy for social change. Today in the U. S. young men of color are incarcerated at the HIGHEST RATE in the WORLD. The rate is 1 in 17 white men, 1 in 3 black men and 1 in 6 Latino men.”

Amplifier Foundation writes “Prisons don’t work. One out of every 100 Americans is behind bars. The U.S. spends $80 billion/year on incarceration. Seventy million Americans have a criminal record. In too many neighborhoods young people of color are more likely to go to prison than to college. It’s time to move #beyondprisons. If you or your family have been affected by this system of mass incarceration, we would like to hear from you. ”

“Tell us your story by uploading it to social media as either a short video or short story using the hashtag #myprisonstory.”

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