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Indigenous Struggles in the N. America Poster Set

Various Artists


The nine posters in this pack are representations of Indigenous struggles in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. You save $12 when buying these posters as a set!

1. Gabriel Dumont by Dylan A.T. Miner

2. EZLN by Kate Luscher

3. The Cherokee Writing System by SpeakEasy Press

4. The Pueblo Revolt by Dylan A.T. Miner

5. Primo Tapia de la Cruz by Christopher Cardinale

6. U.S. Industrial Training School at Haskell by Lana Grove

7. The Occupation of Alcatraz by Josh MacPhee

8. Protect Mauna Kea by Ashley Lukashevsky

9. The Battle of Mactan by Kill Joy




Cancel Canada Day

Cancel Canada Day

by Zola
July 2, 2021

Since First Nations communities have started to search the grounds of past Indian Residential Schools to find the bodies of the (estimated up to 15 000) children that never came…