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Ode To My Burning Family


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I re-purpose the familiar red imagery of cultural revolution propaganda to create something opposite of the false utopia it tried to represent. The truth is, the Cultural Revolution was like a forest fire that spread across China from 1966-1976. It clear-cut millions of family trees through utopian propaganda & violent class struggle instigated by the government. This is the last family dinner. Even sixty years later, my motherland still burns from the phantom pain. But what we must remember the fierce resilience of every family trying to hold themselves together amidst the blaze.


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Survivor Love Letter Mural

Survivor Love Letter Mural

June 18, 2018

Last month justseeds artist, Jess X. Snow, and friends Layqa Nuna Yawar and Tani Ikeda created  “A Monument for Survival”–a mural installation for @werise_la  for the movement Survivor Love Letter. #Survivorloveletter…