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Signs of Change-Inspired Teens in PGH

May 13, 2009


Sex Education for All by Shira Rascoe
More radical teen printmaking totally!
Pittsburgh’s CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) High School students in Shannon Pultz’s printmaking class visited the Signs of Change exhibition at the Miller Gallery in February. Students designed images inspired by the show on issues they are personally passionate about (sound familiar?) and learned relief printing to create these posters.
Some of them were particularly timely, as Shira Rascoe says of her print: “When I was creating my poster, many people in Pittsburgh were in the process of convincing the Pittsburgh Public Schools to adopt a comprehensive sex education curriculum, meaning not just abstinence. I feel that it is crucial for the safety of my peers to teach teenagers about contraception. The peeled banana with the condom on the bottom symbolizes exposure versus protection. Luckily, the PPS has now adopted an Abstinence Plus policy.”
Here are a few more examples.


Money for Musicians by George Cessna, Squatting by Matthew Vituccio
Stay tuned for more Pittsburgh Radical Teens when we kick into RUST (Radical Urban Silkscreen Team) again this Summer!


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3 comments on “Signs of Change-Inspired Teens in PGH”

these are totally amazing!
we need the “support local musicians” poster at as220 in providence ri!!!

the merging of creativity and intellect….gorgeous…these are the people we will rely on in the future when we are old and undervalued!

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