The West Virginia Mine Wars Museum: a Genuine People's History Museum in Matewan!

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We're jut a couple weeks from opening the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum down in Matewan, Mingo County, WV! I've been working steadily for the last year with a great group of community members/organizers, historians, and retired coal miners to put together a genuine, independent people's history museum which details the Mine Wars Era (~1910-1921) from the perspective of the people who lived it. We've just reached our crowd-funding goal and are now able to open the museum!!! But, we've got a stretch goal of $20K that we can reach with your help. There are still great perks left (including some Celebrate People's History posters) and every dollar you contribute goes towards making the museum work, creating future exhibits, and educational programs to bring the history to the West Virginia Mine Wars to even more people! Our crowdfunding drive ends this Saturday night!

Want to know more about the museum? Check out our new website here. And, this week Marcus Constantino wrote up a great article about what we're doing and why we're doing it over at the Charleston Daily Mail. Shoot, we were even featured on Upworthy this week! Yep.

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Tonight! Print and Politics at Interference Archive

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lns-printshop-323x460.jpgPrint & Politics: Lincoln Cushing & Favianna Rodriguez

Wednesday April 29, 7pm

Interference Archive
131 8th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215

A evening of discussion about print and politics, with Lincoln Cushing presenting a history and analysis of U.S. political and countercultural printshops and Favianna Rodriguez talking about her recent “Pussy Power” political poster project.

(image:Liberation News Service printshop, NYC)

Support the Unceded Voices 2015 Anticolonial Street Artists Convergence!

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UNCEDED VOICES : Anticolonial Street Artists Convergence fosters the idea of bringing together street artists of indigenous and settler origins and build an artistic community of shared anticolonial values. The convergence will promote a type of street art that advocates the decolonization of Turtle Island and will remind Montrealers of the city's colonial past and present. The artists, living across the Canadian and American states, already focus part of their work on issues related to indigenous resistance, anti-oppressive and anti-capitalist street art. This second convergence is starting on August 14 and runs until August 23 in so-called Montreal,unceded Kanien’kéhá:ka and Algonquin territories.
Support their indiegogo campaign here.

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New Impeach Freights/Graf 39

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Gratitude Attitude.

JBbTC 215: Artia Pocket Books

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Lustig_Diamonds_Artia_front.jpgBack in 2012 I slide an eye-catching spine off the shelf at a bookstore in Boston and. It was an edition of Arnošt Lustig's Diamonds in the Night I had never seen before. 4.75" wide and 7.835" tall, it's a little wider than a mass market paperback, but way taller—a completely unique size. Turns out it was published by Artia, an old Czech publisher active in Prague in the 60s and 70s, and one of the Eastern Bloc publishers that had an export-wing for English-language books, like Progress Publishers in Moscow or Seven Seas in East Berlin (for more on Seven Seas, check out my posts about them HERE). Artia is most known for their children's books, but they also had this fiction wing under the title "Artia Pocket Books."

I spent three years keeping an eye out for more Artia books, with no luck until last week, where another one showed up at Human Relations in Brooklyn. Another unique spine called out, and I struck gold with a copy of Jan Otčenášek's Romeo and Juliet and the Darkness! Further search online found a small trail for a couple other Artia Pocket Books, but not a single image. Although two books hardly seems a big enough set for a post, who knows how long before I find another one!

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NYC Ghost Bike Memorials are a decade old

Posted April 25, 2015 by k_c_

The NYC Ghost Bike Project was created in response to cyclists deaths in NYC from automotive accidents. They were initiated by Visual Resistance, a graphic street art collective that included Kristine Virsis, Molly Fair and Kevin Caplicki and eventually coalesced into Justseeds.
It would be unusual to proclaim that we are proud, due to the somber and thoughtful nature of the project. Yet, last weekend, the 10th annual memorial bike ride was held in the five boroughs of NYC. There have been dozens if not hundreds of people that have supported and continued the efforts of this campaign. There are ghost bike memorials in more than 200 cities around the world in numerous countries. Over the years our friend Andrew Hinderaker has documented their creation and installation. His gorgeous images grace the article written by Dustin Drankoski, over at Mashable. Check it out.

It has been nearly ten years since I was riding to work and approached the intersection where Elizabeth Padilla has just been killed by a delivery truck. The first ghost bicycle installed in NYC was in respect of her life and remind everyone of the fragility of traveling on two wheels. It has been an honor to have participated in this project and cultivate a supportive community. I hope it continues to raise awareness and memorialize our comrades in hopes that we never have to install another white bicycle.

Plaque designed by Kevin Caplicki

10,000 "likers" on Facebook

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A milestone?
Maybe not how many of us measure efficacy, but something we just noticed. We have 10,000+ people who have "liked" our Facebook page, are you one of them? You can be by going to the Justseeds Facebook
We're happier that you visit us here, on the "space" that we carve out of (the linoleum of) the internet. A little secret, we're working on a new website redesign!
Thanks for supporting and keeping engaged!

New Impeach Freights/Graf 38

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Blowback Quagmire.

Joe Mintner's African Village

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HI, Roger writing here. I spent a few days in Birmingham, Alabama last week, prepping for this large mural project that, due to unforeseen circumstances, had to be postponed. In the awkward limbo following the postponement, new friends and old and I went to visit an amazing place. Joe Mintner is an artist and lifelong resident of Birmingham, and he has created a garden of spectacular and powerful sculpture in his yard on the city's south side, which abuts an enormous cemetery. Mintner's work addresses Black struggles in the Americas, from the Middle Passage to Michael Brown, and is composed of haunting assemblages of found objects and wrought and welded iron. His works evoke the brutality of American society in unexpected ways, using toy police figures and helmets repurposed from children's games to depict the futurist violence of American police forces. He wasn't home when we visited, but the gate was open and we spent an hour or so wandering the dense, evocative spaces. I found an article about him that provides some history and perspective- if you're ever in Birmingham, I can't recommend this enough. Click through for more images.

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New Impeach Freights/Graf 37

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"Weakened Union. Foreclosed. Lost Pension. Got Sick. Death of the American Dream."

Solidarity Means Tabarnak! Quebec Students Strike Against Capitalism

Posted April 12, 2015 by k_c_

Cliquez sur « cc » pour les sous-titres en Français

This week we look at the student led mobilizations that have rocked the streets of Montreal and Quebec City. From large scale marches, to occupations of university buildings to direct actions, the spring 2015 coalition has re-energized radical organizing in so called Quebec.

New Impeach Freights/Graf 36

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BlackBlockupy from Submedia.tv

Posted April 6, 2015 by justseeds

In this sedition, a round of the riots that rocked the European Central Bank’s inauguration in Frankfurt, plus a throw back from 1990’s German digital hardcore Atari Teenage Riot and an a double vegan cheeseburger worldwide exclusive interview with “Peter” from …ums Ganze! (which translates to “Crunch Time”) telling us about the coalition that fucked shit up for the EU technocrats this month.

Justseeds at PNCA!

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We have our first retrospective show up at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland- it's up until June, so you still have plenty of time to check it out. We've been working with curator Mack McFarland and artists Danny Mackin and Arianna Jacob to coordinate a series of panels and presentations while the show's been up From discussions of gender and racial justice to workshops on strategic intervention for environmental groups, to presentations of how cooperative economics can work for radical artists. We've been live-printing in the gallery, giving away prints carved by Justseeds artists. So far we've had visits from Justseeds members Jess Chen, Chip Thomas, Fernando Marti, Alec Dunn, Josh MacPhee, Meredith Stern, Molly Fair, Nicolas Lampert, Paul Kjelland, and Shaun Slifer, with local JS members Thea Gahr and Roger Peet contributing too. There's more stuff coming up this month- Combat Paper will be here next week with new member Aaron Hughes, and another new member Julio Salgado will be here later in the month to work with local migrants rights group VOZ. Mary Tremonte will be leading a live-printing dance-party in the 511 gallery, which will likely be awesome. Keep an eye on the PNCA calendar page for details- we'll be posting them on our FB page too. See more photos here and here

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Help Us Open the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum in May!

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(West Virginia Mine Wars Museum on IndieGogo!)

Over the course of the past year, I’ve been commuting the seven hours between Matewan, WV and my home in Pittsburgh to work with a group of community members to develop and open a People’s History Museum. We're collaborating to preserve and share the story of an era of working class uprisings wiped from the majority of U.S. history books, and now we're crowd-funding to put the last pieces in place!

The West Virginia Mine Wars Museum teaches about the decade of large-scale, militant strikes by a cross-cultural, united front of diverse miners and their families seeking not only a union, but basic social justice. In 1921, these struggles culminated the largest armed insurrection of US citizens since the American Civil War. It’s a history that has been nearly buried for almost a century...

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JBbTC 214: AK Press

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Gilliland_TheFree_AK90.jpgToday I veer off from my regularly scheduled posting. 2015 is the 25 year anniversary of AK Press, one of the longest (maybe the longest?) running anarchist presses in the US (although founded in Scotland). This is an important and rare feat for an anarchist, collective, and worker-owned and operated project. We need to celebrate our counter-institutions, nurture them, critique them, help them evolve and grow. Unfortunately on March 21st, rather than get to have a birthday party, the AK Press crew found themselves grappling with a fire that destroyed the building behind their warehouse (killing two of their neighbors), and also seriously damaged their space (as well as 1984 Printing and other important projects).

AK is trying to raise serious capital to get themselves, their building, and their neighbors back on their feet, and you can help. Go to their funding site HERE, read the whole story, help out if you can, and spread the word. We need our counter-institutions strong and healthy for the struggles ahead!

So to support AK Press, and celebrate their birthday, I've picked out fifteen of my favorite covers from their output over the past twenty-five years. I hate ranking things like some sort of contest, so I've listed these by publication date, earliest to most recent, 1990–2015. And hopefully many more years and covers to come! Also, for transparency's sake, I should say I've designed covers for 15+ books in AK's catalog, but I didn't choose any of those here. I'm proud of some of them, but feel awkward posting them here. But what I will do is share (at the end of the post) a cover a recently designed for an upcoming title that I think is one of my best cover's yet!

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Impeach Freights/Graf 35

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Depleted Uranium.
Check out a great new article on IMPEACH by Paul Schmelzer, HERE.

Sounds of the Week #18

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Welcome once again to Sounds of the Week, a sampling of music Justseeds artists are listening to. For this entry Pete has rounded up some pleasant sounds for you to enjoy.

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Read the writing on the wall-Panajachel 20

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I just returned from traveling in Guatemala and Mexico for a month. I'm always incredibly excited by the hand painted signs. I really appreciate how unique each letter, no matter how well crafted or scratchy they can be. It's refreshing to see since I come from a city with mostly digitally printed advertising, billboards or vinyl cut signage.
I have revived this short lived photo series from four years ago to share the few photos I was able to snap while walking or through van windows while we traveled.
These are from Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala.

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WFMU yearly fundraising marathon

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Just wanting to direct people's attention to the fundraising efforts of an incredible freeform radio station, WFMU, out of Jersey City, NJ.
They broadcast in the NYC metropolitan area and online at wfmu.org. It's been exposing me to audio culture for almost twenty years and keeps me company in so many ways. They've built an impressive digital archive of all their programming of the last 15 years and maintain a blog about the obscure you never knew you wanted to know. The content is a wormhole that you could spend the rest of your life falling into, and I hope you do.
If you've got some scratch to give, they are all listener supported and will use it towards programming for the next year. They'll appreciate it and I will appreciate you.
Pledge now, they have until this Sunday to reach their goal

Impeach Freights/Graf 34

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Thx Edward Snowden.

JBbTC 213: 1980s SWP Pamphlets

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Binns_MissileMadness_SWP80_front.jpgIn November, while touring London with comrades from Interference Archive, we stopped at Bookmarks, a nice-sized bookshop run by the Socialist Workers Party (which is a sister organization to the International Socialist Organization in the the U.S.). They have a nice, cheap, used pamphlet section, with rows and rows of old leftist publications. I found some great stuff, including a small cluster of 1980s pamphlets put out by the SWP themselves. All were designed by Roger Huddle, who might have been their in-house designer for the decade. Huddle has a website now (HERE), and it looks like he still might be an SWP member. He was also part of a design group called Artworkers. The designs for the pamphlets are great examples of a neo-Constructivism, and appear to borrow heavily from the book designs of two other British leftist designers: David King and Richard Hollis. King is the more obvious influence, as Huddle shares with him a love for heavy black lines and sharp angles as dominant visual elements.

We can actually see the style evolve by looking at the first and then second edition of Missile Madness by Peter Binns. The first, published in 1980 and here on the right, boxes the object of study—the mad missile— between two sets of titles. The top left frame is created by text in bold boxes, author and publisher; the bottom right is created by interlocking of the title and subtitle at a 90 degree angle. The title smartly nestles into the subtitle, rather than simply sitting on top, and then the two words of the title read away from each other. This is a nice touch, not effecting readability but adding to the sense of a topsy-turvy world. Finally, the use of color is great, the red and green merging to create the almost black of the missile.

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Signal:03 review on Dubdog

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sa.jpgSignal:03 got a really nice review a couple weeks back on Dubdog.com. Check it out HERE. And you can always pick up a copy of Signal from us HERE. And keep an eye out for issue #4, it should be out in a month or so!

[image of screenprint by Medu Arts Ensemble, Botswana]

The Gulabi Gang from Submedia

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In this week’s show an homage to women everywhere, a look at the trolls from the Men’s Rights Movements and how the Gulabi Gang in India who are beating down rapitsts with big ass sticks. On the music break, Bambu with “The Queen is Dead.” Our featured guest is journalist Dawn Paley, talking about her book “Drug War Capitalism”


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Read the writing on the wall- 19

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I just returned from traveling in Guatemala and Mexico for a month. I'm always excited about the hand painted signs cos appreciate how unique each letter is, no matter how well crafted or scratchy they can be. It's refreshing to see since I come from a city with mostly digitally printed advertising, billboards or vinyl cut signage.
I am reviving this short lived photo series from four years ago to share the few photos I was able to snap while walking or through vehicle windows during our transport. This is for all the other typography and hand painted sign geeks out there. Enjoy.

My first installment aren't the best flicks as they were shot through the window as we traveled from Guatemala City to Lake Atitlan.

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Impeach Freights/Graf 33

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Dignity: Power from the Bottom Up.

Wolf Patrol Online Exhibit

Posted March 9, 2015 by icky


WolfPatrol.org is having an online benefit for their organization which "works on the ground to document and report on wolf hunts and illegal poaching, in the face of the removal of federal protection for these important and vital predators in North America."
Our own Mazatl has a huge and beautiful print in the show, check it out at their website.

Rad Post-Teen Print of the Week: Palm Oil

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Hello there buddies!

After a long hiatus, I am reviving my Rad Teen Print of the Week series as Rad Post-Teen Print of the Week, to share the amazing work from university students and other post-teens that I've been working with here in Toronto. I first forayed into this zone a few years ago with Lauren Jurysta's Free Pussy Riot silkscreen, HERE
This first print comes from Tetyana Herych, a four-color risograph print on the subject of palm oil and its impacts on orang-utans and other members of rainforest ecology. Doritos being a popular snack that uses extensive amounts of palm oil, Tetyana remixed the packaging to remind consumers of this impact.

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Impeach Freights/Graf 32

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Global Corporate Fascists.

Gathering Autonomy: Giant Justseeds Retrospective in Portland, OR!

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10984063_10206037944378106_5362912925976118492_n.jpgWe've got a big show opening in Portland, OR this week! Check it out:

For its inaugural exhibition at the new 511 Gallery at the new campus flagship, the Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design, PNCA is pleased to present Gathering Autonomy: Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, the first retrospective exhibition of this print cooperative that produces graphics for activist organizations around events or actions.

Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative is a decentralized network of 30 artists committed to making print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance. With members working from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, Justseeds operates both as a unified collaboration of similarly minded printmakers and as a loose collection of creative individuals with unique viewpoints and working methods. The Cooperative produces collective portfolios, contributes graphics to grassroots struggles for justice, builds large sculptural installations in galleries, and wheatpastes on the streets.

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Cataloging Artifacts: West Virginia Mine Wars Museum

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We're moving forward with the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum over in Matewan, WV. This community-driven, people's history museum opens to the public on May 16 (in the midst of the annual Matewan Shootout reinactment!). There's still work to be done getting the building, and our exhibits, in order - but we're moving quickly, and it's invigorating watching it all come together.

Last month several of us took on the task of cataloging the collection of board member Kenny King. Kenny's been scouring the known battlefields where skirmishes occurred during the Mine Wars era (~1912-1921) and picking up whatever artifacts he finds. His collection is the foundation upon which our burgeoning museum is built, and I was personally very excited to catalog and photograph his extensive collection - the first time his work has ever been assembled and documented in full. Below are some choice images from last month's work, all of which will be on display when the museum opens in May...

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Impeach Freights/Graf 31

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Peace, Unity, and Having Fun.

JBbTC 212: Latin America Mass Markets

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This past weekend was the big annual church book sale in neighborhood, and I found some great books, including a mini-collection of mass market paperbacks from the 1960s about Latin America. I'm behind on my research on the longer form posts I've got in the works, so I'm just going to share these four books this week. All are written or edited by Western writers, and like the content, the covers display different outsider perspectives on the nature of Latin America in the 60s. And although none are specifically about Cuba, they were all published in the wake of the Cuban Revolution, and display an attempt to either communicate or capitalize on the fear of revolution from the South that spread through North America at the time.

Bryson_LatinAmToday_Vintage.jpgFirst is the one on the right, the anthology Social Change in Latin America Today (Vintage, 1960). The cover is by veteran designer Paul Bacon, who has designed over 6,500 book covers! The type treatment does little for me, but I love the illustration. A map of South America (not exactly Latin America, but oh well...) is entirely composed of squiggly arrows, some spiraling inward, some shooting outward. It's extremely simple, but the red, green, and black add some complexity, as well as possible political and social overtones. One can imagine the red sections, all with arrows spreading out, as the export of communism.

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Anarchy In Rojava-A Libertarian Revolution in the Middle East

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Anarchy in Rojava: A libertarian revolution in the Middle East from subMedia.tv on Vimeo.

Stop Pipeline L61: Wisconsin's Death Trip

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Wisconsin is in pretty rough shape right now, Gov. Scott Walker with the Koch Brothers backing him is cutting essential funding across the state, pushing privatization of everything possible, and the Republicans are fast tracking a right-to-work bill this week. In addition to all of that fun, on the down low there is a massive environmental disaster ramping up across the state. Pipeline L61 owned by Enbridge Energy already exists, and is getting upgrades that will up its pumping capacity from 560,000 to 1.2 million barrels of crude oil daily, that's 1/3 more than Keystone XL would. Only a Dane County (Madison area) zoning committee is holding up the process for the permitting of a pumping station.

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