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Defend Yintah: fundraiser

by Zola
March 8, 2022

Gidimt’en Checkpoint is the frontline camp against TC Energy’s Coastal Gas Link pipeline project, planning to cut across the Yintah, the territory of the Wet’suwet’en Nation in northern British Columbia, who has not consented to this project. The Wet’suwet’en people and their accomplices, invited guests and allied neighbouring nations has been on the land, defending the sacred headwaters of the Wedzin Kwa, a salmon river that is threatened by CGL. No Wet’suwet’en consent! No pipelines! Check out for more details

I printed my recent graphic in solidarity with the Gidimt’en Checkpoint on tshirts to help raise some much needed funds and continue the vocal and visual support to land defenders. All proceeds are going to the Gidimt’en Checkpoint on Wet’suwet’en territory. You can grab one (or a patch!) here:

Here is a quote from Molly Wickham, spokesperson of the Gidimt’en Checkpoint: “People have replied to our call to action to take an active and aggressive approach to challenging the state in a way that they are behaving and treating Indigenous people and the environment. I have the deepest and utmost respect for everybody who has sacrificed and everybody who continues to sacrifice their freedom, their livelihoods and families to be on the frontlines and to support us in this struggle. I think that the state is coming down really hard on people because it’s a real threat. We’re a real threat when we act together. We act in solidarity with each other and shut down Canada in the way that we did, that’s a real threat to the state and they know it. So that they are trying to repress people even further. And when those kinds of situations happen and when those opportunities arise, it’s a call to us to push harder, because we know we are making a difference. “

Please consider contributing to this extremely important and effective struggle highlighting all the possibilities of militant accompliceship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples <3

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