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Montréal, QC, Canada

Zola is a street artist and community organizer. They are today involved with different Montreal-based affinity groups and collectives addressing indigenous solidarity, anti-racism, abolition and art and activism. The ongoing street art project under the Zola pseudonym focuses on the iconic character of the masked protester as a romantic allegory for street politics. Both demonized by liberals and idealized by insurrectionnists, masked protesters are no one and every one at the same time. In this “case study”, the interest is in shifting the stereotypes by representing the diversity of folks who engage in this tactic. Putting up portraits of anonymous protesters and rioters on city walls is a way to create more space for radical politics, by and for activists, in a way that reminds daily commuters of ongoing social struggles.

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Protecting the Moose in La Vérendrye

Protecting the Moose in La Vérendrye

October 10, 2020

The Anishinabe Nation has rallied around the important issue of dwindling moose population in La Vérendrye wildlife reserve, a huge park 4h drive north of Montréal. Four First Nation communities…