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Tips for wheatpasting street art in winter conditions

by Zola
January 30, 2023

It’s totally possible to put up posters below freezing temperatures. It takes longer for the paste to dry in cold temps so it’s all about taking extra care so the paper doesn’t freeze and fall off the wall before that. From experience, these tips can really make or break a successful winter wheatpaste. They are not as important for small paper sizes and ledger posters but I work with big pieces so getting them to stay up is more of a challenge! Most principles also work for other seasons, they are just things to really look out for when conditions are not on our side.



The weather forecast has the final say

I don’t go out if it’s below -10C. 

If there are multiple days of snowfall or rain following your outing, chances are your paste won’t be able to dry. 

Bestest is to go daytime when it’s sunny.


Limit water as much as possible

Make the paste thicker, and minimize the layer on top of the paper as much as possible. After making sure the paper is saturated, I wipe off the excess with a cloth.


Add salt to the paste! Or a lil extra spice, if you can get your hands on wood glue, lacquer or some sort of extra sticky, do it! 


Spend extra time adhering the paper to the wall

I take my mitts off and rub the wet wheat paste onto the wall for a few minutes


Choose the right spots

The surface porosity is super important! Forget about metal and sandy finishes, wood is best, brick is okay, concrete  will be a challenge. I avoid walls that are exposed to wind.

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