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No Forest No Peace



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Inspired by the No Cop City & Defend the Atlanta Forest struggle. From the DAF website: “Defend the Forest & Stop Cop City is a grassroots movement of many groups and individuals from Atlanta and beyond, working together and separately to prevent the forest off Key, Fayetteville, Constitution, and Bouldercrest roads from becoming either a police training compound or a new Hollywood soundstage complex.

[…] Cop City is a proposed $90 million+, state-of-the-art police training compound backed by the Atlanta Police Foundation and its corporate patrons. Cop City would be the largest police training facility in the United States and is slated to include a mock city where police will train with firearms, tear gas, helicopters, and explosive devices for protest and mass unrest like the 2020 George Floyd protests. Cop City will hyper-militarize law enforcement, equipping police with a site to train for the suppression of Atlanta’s diverse Black and working-class communities.

Slated to be twice the size of already oversized police training facilities in New York and Los Angeles, Cop City, if completed, would serve as a national model of police militarization and budgetary bloat. Notably, this facility is supposed to be built on the site of a Jim Crow-era forced labor camp (the Old Atlanta Prison Farm), which was itself built upon a 19th century slave plantation. The project would destroy precious forest, which Atlanta needs in order to mitigate the effects of climate change, and would sit on the unmarked graves of our enslaved and shackled ancestors. “

Visit Scenes from the Atlanta Forest on an anonymous browser like Tor for inspiration on how to take action wherever you are.

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