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Antimilitarism Poster Set

Various Artists


A new People’s History poster set! Inspired by Dissenters and their portfolio with Justseeds, here is another collection of images documenting struggles against militarism.

1. Emma Goldman by Ben Rubin

2. Louise Olivereau by Aprille Thurheimer

3. Seki Ran Kai by Keisuke Narita & Red Eye

4. Muhammad Ali by Colin Matthes

5. Bayard Rustin by Eli Brown

6. Vietnam Veterans Against the War by Shiva Addanki

7. Crass by Brandon Bauer

8. ILWU and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle by Blanco and Peter Cole

9. Grace Paley by Meredith Stern

10. Vieques Libre by Dave Buchen

11. The People of Egypt by Ganzeer

12. Iraq Veterans Against the War: Call to Resist the G20 by Ryan Hayes & Jon Orlando

13. Scott Olsen and Occupy Oakland by Zeke Peña

14. The Piano Player of Yarmouk by Ethan Heitner

15. Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp by Greg Mihalko






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