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Mi Cuerpo, Mi Decisión pennant

Rebecca Susman & Shaun Slifer

Out of Stock

Out of stock

First printed in the summer of 2017, this is a new edition for 2022!

My Body, My Choice!

Fuck the Patriarchal bullshit: people are dying throughout the Americas because they're being denied the autonomy to control their own bodies.


Access to safe abortion care is becoming increasingly harder to obtain. These pennants urge us to rally and shout our support for the fundamental right to reproductive medical care for all! They look great on the wall of your home, office, home office, nursery, or school!

Mi Cuerpo, Mi Decisión is one in a series of three feminist abortion access pennants, a collaboration between Rebecca Susman and Justseeds member/owner Shaun Slifer. The designs are hand-drawn, then screenprinted by hand onto felt. The felt is cut by hand and machine stitched in a limited edition of thirty pennants.


Other pennants in the series:

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