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Shaun Slifer

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Shaun Slifer is an artist, writer, self-taught historian, and museum professional based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His work investigates dominant historical narratives in relation to the lived environment. He has a particular interest in history from below, ecology, and surreptitious signage. Shaun regularly works in collaboration with other artists, non-artists, and in collectively structured groups including the now-disbanded Street Art Workers and the Howling Mob Society, and currently Justseeds Artists' Cooperative (of which he is a founding member) and the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum (where he is the creative director and exhibition designer). Shaun has exhibited internationally in a variety of museums, galleries, and nonprofit spaces, as well as non-authorized public settings. He has presented on history, creative practice, and grassroots media at numerous universities and conferences in the United States and Europe. He received a BFA with a concentration in sculpture from Watkins College of Art in Nashville in 2003. He has run the Justseeds online store with member/owner Bec Young since 2010.


Other Media

DIYDPW #33: DIY-to-Official

DIYDPW #33: DIY-to-Official

November 10, 2015

Back in 2011, DIYDPW #4 highlighted an unauthorized sign installed at an egregious Pittsburgh intersection (above). That sign was intended to alert drivers that traffic patterns had been changed, even…



October 29, 2014

Burgettstown, PA, USA – story here. (Thanks, Becca!) DIYDPW is a (semi)weekly blog post highlighting global examples of Do It Yourself Department of Public Works projects. These are defined as…