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Touch is a Prayer


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The colored body is a cathedral. Do not let the world tell you otherwise. I made this print in response to a series of traumatic intimate experiences I had where the lover did not listen to my body, and treat my body with respect. This print encourages all women, queer and gender nonconforming people, especially people of color, to honor the cathedral of their own body, and not be ashamed to ask their lovers to treat them with respect and listening.

Touch is a Prayer:

We walk upon the frozen sheet.

You take my hand and make

the first incision: There isn’t

much time. Can I kiss you?

When our lips touch,  my axis

tilts toward your weight.

A thousand years of history books

balanced on our heads topples –

A blast of freezing water. You ask:

How far do you want to go?

Why care so much about the destination?

You make me a jellyfish, out of water.

I feel my tenderness pierce into you

like a flaming match. As you burn bright

I realize how badly you yearn to be stung.

I’ve never felt more woman

than when your touch commanded

me to become one. You are deaf

to everything except your gravity

pressing me down. You penetrate

until we are drowning.

You say: so wet, I want to be inside.

I thought:  I get this wet every night,

but not for you.  You want me;

a tropical sky, overripe,  stripped

of all cloud and sliced into.

I avoid your eyes, and watch

the black sky,  the soft swaying

of the stars.    I want to explain:

the muscle memory of my own hand.

I want to go back to the lake, frozen,

unbroken and shining. The call

& response of our conversation

in motion. The ice, before you

slipped and cracked it open.

Now, as we swim back through

freezing water, boy,

let me tell you: Touch

is a prayer.

& when the cathedral

of my body echoes it back:

You will listen to it.

These prints are the remaining edition from our Community Supported Art program in 2016. Printed by Molly Fair.

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