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Imaging Apartheid

Imaging Apartheid is a Montreal/Toronto based initiative with global reach responding to the call for support of the B.D.S. campaign. We aim to bring awareness and support to the Palestinian struggle for liberation through the production and dissemination of poster art.
 We are a small collective of artists and activists who strongly believe in the intersection of art and politics as a means of advancing social change. This project’s focus is on the pressing issue of Israeli Apartheid.
 Striking posters are now being selected from submissions collected from around the world, which will be either silk-screen or offset printed. Imaging Apartheid collective will produce these posters that give voice to the Palestinian struggle for freedom through a grassroots process, working with local screen printers and utilizing independent, activist distribution networks.
 The call for submissions is open. There is no deadline. We continue produce new prints and make make them available for the Palestinian solidarity movement around the world. They can be used as a tool for awareness, outreach and/or documentation. All the proceeds will go to support the Imaging Apartheid project. Our aim is to create affordable poster art that will be widely disseminated. The production run is divided into thirds: 
1/3 printed on thin paper for wheat pasting in the streets and public areas
, 1/3 to be given to organizations working on the issue and compiled into an ever growing portfolio to tour as an exhibit and for educational purposes
, and 1/3 to sell at events and through Justseeds to finance the the production and distribution of the next poster.

Associated Artists
Friends of Justseeds, Jesse Purcell, & Josh MacPhee

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Booklyn | 37 Greenpoint Avenue, Suite E4G / Box 23, Brooklyn, NY 11222

For almost fifteen years people have been marching in the streets, singing, chanting, insisting, “From Iraq to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime!” Booklyn is pleased to announce Up Against the Wall,…

Musicians for Palestine/Imaging Apartheid

Musicians for Palestine/Imaging Apartheid


Interference Archive
314 7th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215

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