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Kevin Caplicki

New York

Kevin Caplicki is a Brooklyn-based artist born and raised in the Hudson Valley of New York. He is a printmaker, forager, saladmonger auto-didact with the help of friends. Preferring to work in social and collaborative environments he is a founding member of the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, Visual Resistance collective, NYC Ghost Bike Project, Miss Rockaway Armada, and Interference Archive.


Other Media

C.L.R. James 1901-1989

C.L.R. James 1901-1989

March 11, 2017

I recently returned from a holiday adventure to Trinidad Tobago with some friends, including Justseeds comrade Roger Peet. Our main motivation was a handful of days scuba diving in the…



January 30, 2017

Dalton, PA Taken right as a local resident was stepping out on the street to walk their dog. Ever since Shaun started this series, I’ve been noticing DIYDPW signs everywhere,…