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Anti-Capitalist Poster Set

Various Artists

This is a broad selection of Celebrate People’s History posters focusing on anti-capitalist movements and figures. Save $35 (!) when buying these posters as a set.

1. Emma Goldman by Ben Rubin
2. Las Mujeres Libres by Cristy Road
3. Korean Peasants League by Nicole Schulman & Dustin Chang
4. Grace Lee & Jimmy Boggs by Bec Young
5. Sacco & Vanzetti by Josh MacPhee
6. Crass by Brandon Bauer
7. Walter Rodney by Josh MacPhee
8. Squamish 5 by Matt Gauck
9. EZLN by Kate Luscher
10. Amilcar Cabral by Josh MacPhee
11. J18, or the Carnival Against Capitalism by Edd Baldry
12. Seattle: Direct Action Shuts Down the WTO by Nicolas Lampert
13. Québec 2001: Un Carnaval Contre le Capitalisme by Kevin Yuen-Kit Lo & Stefan Christoff
14. Loukanikos the Riot Dog by Zola
15. The Luddites by Shaun Slifer
16. Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker by James David Morgan




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