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Funeral For The Honey Bee – Back Patch


Out of Stock

Out of stock

A 9.5″ X 12″ screen printed back patch on cream twill.

It honors the honey bees suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder. All worker bees are yellow, black and brown women and they protect the Earth and keep the plants flowering and alive. We owe everything to the honey bees. We must protect them before it’s too late.

Hand-printed by Ocelot Printshop, a Community-based printshop in Detroit.


“Honey, our hive is built and ruled

by women. Honey, we were once wild.

Honey, look at the flowers. We raised

them into artichoke, pepper, squash,

and apple for you, Honey. You found

our hive and renamed it colony–or

a factory of Yellow, Black, and Brown

honey–we are the silent workers

who bring home your dinner,

whether or not our Honey comes home….”

Read the whole poem here.


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