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People’s Movements in the US Poster Set

Various Artists

The forty posters in this pack are a broad range of representations of people’s struggles throughout the history of the United States. You save over 50% when buying these posters as a set!

1. Los Siete de La Raza by Fernando Martí
2. National Prisoners Reform Association by Sanya Hyland & Alexander Dwinell
3. DRUM by Bec Young
4. Assata Shakur is Free by Laura Whitehorn & Molly Fair
5. Grace Lee & Jimmie Boggs by Bec Young
6. Angel Island Liberty Association by Christine Wong Yap
7. Act-Up Philadelphia by Courtney Dailey
8. Amazon Army by Dave Loewenstein
9. The Underground Railroad by Sam Kerson
10. The Battle of Blair Mountain by Chris Stain
11. The Pueblo Revolt by Dylan A.T. Miner
12. Seattle: Direct Action Shuts Down the WTO by Nicolas Lampert
13. International Hotel by Claude Moller
14. Wisconsin Workers Uprising by Sue Simensky Bietila
15. Jane Jacobs by Sabrina Jones
16. Flint Sit-Down Strike by Dylan A.T. Miner
17. Kalamazoo Corset Strike by Shaun Slifer & Sara Beth Meister
18. Youth-Led Resistance to Immigration Raids and Deportations by Jesus Barraza
19. Adapt by Anonymous
20. Young Lords Organization by Ricardo Levins Morales
21. Dockum Drug Store Sit-In by Cheyenne Garrison
22. Sylvia Ray Rivera by John Gerken
23. IWW Local 8 by Peter Cole & Marc Nelson
24. The Lesbian Herstory Archives by Carrie Moyer
25. Malcolm X by Josh MacPhee
26. Harry Hay by Miriam Klein Stahl
27. Compton’s Cafeteria Riot by Andre Perez
28. The Brown Berets by Julio Cordova
29. Muhammad Ali by Colin Matthes
30. Bayard Rustin by Eli Brown
31. Delores Huerta by B. Cortez & B. Riley
32. Occupation of Alcatraz by Josh MacPhee
33. Vanguard Street Sweep by Edie Fake
34. Octavia E. Butler by Susie Wilson
35. Ursula K. LeGuin by Sophie Yanow
36. Annie Diggs by Emi Gennis
37. Jane by Meredith Stern
38. Iraq Veterans Against the War: Call to Resist the G20 by Ryan Hayes & Jon Orlando
39. Harrison High School 1968 Student Uprising by Nicole Marroquin
40. Comité Exigimos Justica by Stephanie Weiner