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Ruth Wilson Gilmore Mural Postcards



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Set of four postcards. Each purchase comes with two postcards each of both sides of the mural.

All proceeds go toward fulfilling the equipment and assistant costs of the extra week of painting the Ruth Wilson Gilmore mural at Possible Futures Books in New Haven, CT. Ruthie’s work and words are expansive, and so too was this project, which grew in space, time, energy, people, and cost. In fact, this is the largest mural Jess X. Snow has ever painted, which they completed with the help of 5 assistants and over 40 community volunteers.

On the side of the mural featured, Ruthie's hands hold the soil and seedlings out of which many of our movements grow. They are framed by New Haven organizers, youth and elders, who carry forward the abolitionist future we all need. We see silhouettes of youth leaders, members of Citywide Youth Coalition, who brought thousands to New Haven’s streets to demand the removal of police from their schools and their city. We also see educators from New Haven’s teachers and paraprofessionals unions alongside families and community members in their March for Our Classrooms to demand full funding for our public schools.


As Ruthie teaches us: “What the world will become already exists in fragments and pieces, experiments and possibilities.” These fragments are ever present in New Haven, and the pieces in this mural constellate the future and freedom we are making together, out of what we have.

In her speech at the mural unveiling, Ruth Wilson Gilmore said: “The work of abolition is already happening everywhere all the time, and in most places where people are doing this work, they do not call it abolition. The point is not the name. The point is the purpose to make the abundance of life possible, so that everywhere where life is precious, life is precious.”

Read more about the mural here.

Make your visit to the mural at Possible Futures Books at 318 Edgewood Ave, New Haven, CT

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