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Black Liberation Poster Set

Various Artists


The thirty-three posters in this pack capture different historical moments in the international struggle for Black Liberation. You save 50% when buying these posters as a set.


1. DRUM by Bec Young

2. Assata Shakur is Free by Laura Whitehorn & Molly Fair

3. The Haitian Revolution by Aaron Renier

4. Grace Lee & Jimmy Boggs by Bec Young

5. Audre Lorde by Arthur Katrina

6. Walter Rodney by Josh MacPhee

7. The Underground Railroad by Sam Kerson

8. Jamaican Maroons by Damon Locks

9. Flint Sit-Down Strike by Dylan A.T. Miner

10. ILWU and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle by Blanco and Peter Cole

11. Amilcar Cabral by Josh MacPhee

12. James Baldwin by John Jennings

13. Major Taylor by Janet Attard

14. Bayard Rustin by Eli Brown

15. Dockum Drug Store Sit-in by Cheyenne Garrison

16. Malcolm X by Josh MacPhee

17. Muhammad Ali by Colin Matthes

18. Lick Your Elbow by Josh MacPhee

19. Octavia E. Butler by Susie Wilson

20. Take a Knee Protests by Brett Colley

21. Harrison High School 1968 Student Uprising by Nicole Marroquin

22. Mum Bett by Mac McGill and Steve Wishnia

23. Kansas City Black Panther Party by NedRa Bonds

24. Chicago’s Rainbow Coalition by Kyle Goen

25. Sojourner Truth by Chip Thomas

26. Sonic Riots by Crisis

27. Funsten 500 by John Jennings

28. Contract Buyers League by Robert Liu-Trujillo

29. John Brown by Josh MacPhee

30. Funmilayo Ransome Kuti by Miriam Klein Stahl and Josh MacPhee

31. Montgomery Bus Boycott by Amos Paul Kennedy

32. Stono Rebellion by Russell Howze & Mark Cort

33. Topple White Supremacy: Do It Like Durham! by Brett Colley