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Women’s Movements Poster Set

Various Artists


The fifty-five posters in this Celebrate People's History poster set celebrate fierce women and feminist struggles throughout the world. You save $200 when buying these posters as a set!

1. Funmilayo Ransome Kuti by Miriam Klein Stahl and Josh MacPhee

2. Kalamazoo Corset Co. Strike by Shaun Slifer and Sara Beth

3. Red Wheelies by Rachael House

4. Amazon Army by Dave Loewenstein

5. Las Mujeres Libres by Cristy Road

6. Emma Goldman by Ben Rubin

7. Guerreras de Las Barricades by T.L. Simons and Barucha Peller

8. Madres de Plaza de Mayo by John Isaacson

9. Phoolan Devi by Miriam Klein Stahl and Boff Whalley

10. Assata Shakur is Free by Laura Whitehorn and Molly Fair

11. Matilde Landa by Un Mundo Feliz

12. Louise Olivereau by Aprille Thurheimer

13. Grace Lee and Jimmy Boggs by Bec Young

14. Narmada Bachao Andolan by Robin Hewlett

15. Seki Ran Kai by Keisuke Narita & Red Eye

16. Audre Lorde by Arthur Katrina

17. Grace Paley by Meredith Stern

18. The Lesbian Herstory Archives by Carrie Moyer

19. Grandmothers of Austin by The Stockyard Institute

20. Sylvia Ray Rivera by John Gerken

21. Feminist Comix by Emily Brymer

22. Annie Diggs by Emi Gennis

23. Sister Corita Kent by Shannon Gerard and Mary Tremonte

24. Las 17+ by Mincho Vega

25. Rani of Jhansi by Bishakh Som

26. Delores Huerta by B. Cortez & B. Riley

27. Compton's Cafeteria Riot by Andre Perez

28. International Lady Garment Workers Union by Jenny Schmid

29. World Charter for Prostitutes Rights by Devika Sen

30. Octavia E. Butler by Susie Wilson

31. Ursula K. Le Guin by Sophie Yannow

32. Protect Mauna Kea by Ashley Lukashevsky

33. Jane by Meredith Stern

34. Mum Bett by Mac McGill and Steve Wishnia

35. Ni Una Menos by Flavia López-Czischke

36. Rice Riot 1918 by A3BC

37. Wangari Maathai by Ally Reeves

38. Sojourner Truth by Chip Thomas

39. Sonic Riots by Crisis

40. Funsten 500 by John Jennings

41. Mother's Milk Project by Noelle Fries

42. Topple White Supremacy: Do It Like Durham! by Brett Colley

43. Hønsestrikk by Fiona Avocado

44. June Jordan by Nicole Manganelli

45. American Birth Control League by Joana Tulik

46. Bo Brown by Julie Perini and Josh MacPhee

47. Anne Braden by Eli Brown

48. Viva Berta Cáceres by anonymous

49. Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner by Kaitlyn Elaine Wegener

50. Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp by Greg Mihalko

51. Disha Ravi by Aretha Pereira

52. Judi Bari by Nicolas Lampert

53. Tobacco Workers Strike by Annabelle Heckler

54. Jin Jiyan Azadi by Dinelli

55. Septima Poinsette Clark and the Citizenship School Movement by Alicia Martinson
















Seattle’s International Working Women’s Day for Palestine and Beyond

Seattle’s International Working Women’s Day for Palestine and Beyond

March 12, 2024

“We stand in solidarity with our Palestinian siblings in Gaza and those among our community who are directly and indirectly affected by the current war and genocide by the Israeli settler-colonial regime. Passive observation of the horrors of bombings, genocide, and prolonged apartheid is not our way. We must rise and firmly proclaim that Palestinian Liberation is a Feminist Imperative.” – Feminists for Jina Seattle