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Migration Now!

Institutional Price

A limited-edition portfolio of handmade prints addressing migrant issues from Justseeds & CultureStrike.

Migration is a phenomenon, not a problem, something that simply is. The right to migrate and to move freely is our human right. When societies restrict or choke off the movements of their citizens, they end up doing the work of a dam- they generate power and control floods, but in doing so they destroy life and wreck the surrounding space.

We want to re-imagine migration as an inevitability, as a social practice that is not to be prevented but to be related to, like weather. All migration starts with social relationships. When people move, they are going either towards their families or communities, or more often, away from them. They move to help their relatives, or support them by leaving. People migrate because their homes stifle them, because those homes become burdens they need to shed in order to have full lives. They move in search of opportunity, or to escape their past, or to simply survive. They move because of lies they are told and that they come to believe, and they move to fulfil the most beautiful and fragile of dreams. Migration is fundamentally about our right to move freely across planet Earth, in search of our fullest and best selves.


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We Arrived: A Collective Reflection on Immigration

We Arrived: A Collective Reflection on Immigration


The Art Gallery @ Cesar Chavez Student Center
San Fransisco State University
1650 Holloway Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94132

Our “Migration Now!” portfolio will be up alongside work by Josue Rojas, Victor de la Rosa, Project IDEAS, and Clinica Martin-Barò & Carlos Cartagena. Opening Reception: Thursday, October 22 from…